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Late at night, Chuck Norris was once walking back home alone after watching a Chuck Norris movie. A mugger approached him from the back, tapped on his shoulder and said "Hey, gimme your money!". Chuck Norris slowly turned around, paused for a while and gave the mugger a sarcastic smile. He then proceeded to rape the mugger anally, crush his skull, break his spine and killed him in a fraction of a second. Chuck Norris then brought the mugger back to life and then broke each of his limbs, eviscerated the mugger's gut, ate the mugger's still beating heart and infected him with AIDS, killing the unfortunate mugger once again. Chuck Norris then brough the mugger to life yet again for the second time, only to give the mugger a final fatal roundhous kick to his face killing the man and his soul at the same time. Chuck Norris then threw his packed wallet at the remains of his victim and said "Do not tap on my shoulders ever again", and continued to walk home slowly.

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