Chuck Norris Jokes Api - JSON API for random Chuck Norris jokes

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Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird Chuck Norris ate a mouse an crapped out a cat 1+1=Chuck Norris Chuck Norris counted to infinite- twice Newtons' third Law states that every action has a equal and opposite reaction- this is a lie. there is no force equivalent to a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick if you need steel wool, take some of Chuck Norris' beard. Chuck Norris can cook air Chuck Norris punched a guy and he became a she Chuck Norris won the 1,000,000 dollar prize for performing telekinesis only chuck knows where amelia earhart went chuck kicked mario so hard he turned into luigi Chuck Norris got hit by a car. when the ambulance came, thhe found chuck standing up with half a car on each side of him

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